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we sorta walk to the beat of our own drum circle. so we make quirky stuff for geeks, gamers, namaste-ers, bookworms, fire circle alchemists, wonks of all varieties, and other nerds like us.

cards + invitations

find the perfect way to express yourself with greeting cards for any occasion, as well as thank you notes, holiday greetings, and customizable invitations for any event from your BFF's wedding to your 2-year old's birthday party.

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tee shirts

Garb yourself in style with one of our fun graphic tees... or let us design one for you & yours!

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  • birthdays

    Help take the sting out of getting older with these fun cards to celebrate the birthday babies in your life. Don't forget you can always ask for customizations, in case you need to add your own personal message!

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  • love + romance

    Sweet or sassy, naughty or nice... find a way to tell your sweetie how you really feel... or send congrats and good wishes to other lovebirds in your life... for weddings, anniversaries, or just because. Love wins.

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  • thank you

    Express your gratitude! We have both individual cards and -- since you're probably so popular that people are just always doing nice things for you -- packs of notes to say thanks to your fans & syncophants.

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  • congratulations

    No matter what amazing feats they just performed, we've got lots of cool ways to give your peeps a shout out.

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  • farewell + good wishes

    We have fun ways to give your friends or co-workers the sendoff they deserve!

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  • new home

    Moving sucks, so help your friends feel a little better with a card congratulating them on surviving the process! You'll also find address change cards, housewarming invitiations, and more if you're the one making the move.

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