spruce knob, monongahela national forest, WV

spruce knob, monongahela national forest, WV

There are several destinations in the National Forest area that are absolutely worth visiting, but our favorite is the Spruce Knob/Seneca Rocks Recreation Area. Here you'll find the highest peak in West Virginia, Spruce Knob. At 4,863 feet above sea level, the views are stunning and give literal meaning to the word "breathtaking." 

At the end of the short & easy Forest Trail 567 (also called Whispering Spruce Trail), you can check out those sweeping vistas from the Spruce Knob Observation Tower.

View from the highest peak in WV, Spruce Knob.


Looking to camp? Depending on how far you intend to range from the mountain, there are plenty of options for tent & RV camping in the Potomac Ranger District. We have always wanted a bit of room to spread (not to mention privacy), so we always choose to stay at the Gatewood Group Campground. It's a bit pricier than the nearby Spruce Knob Lake Campground, but we've always had the entire campground to ourselves, which is worth the (small) cost and lack of plumbing amenities (there's a vault toilet, but otherwise you're on your own).

If cabins are more your thing, we've had wonderful experiences staying with the folks who own Spruce Moutain Cabins. They have some new additions since we were there last, and we're looking forward to checking them out soon!

If you're a more serious outdoors enthusiast, you can hit the 60+ miles of backcountry trails to get your hiking and/or primitive camping fix.

"The Womb"  A natural formation within a large boulder that looks like... well, a womb.

Either way, do not fail to find what we call "The Meadow."  After you climb down a relatively treacherous rockslide at the end of Whispering Spruce Trail, you'll reach an otherworldly and almost ethereal expanse of grassy field dotted with huge sentinel boulders in shapes and configurations that seem to have been lifted from the pages of a fantasy novel. We spent an absolutely enchanting night under a beautiful full moon there on our first visit, an experience we'll never forget.

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